Meet Milton | Ragdoll Cat

How cute is this cat?!  I’m so lucky to have him as a pet and friend.

He’s 7 years old, and my husband and I bought him from a Ragdoll breeder in Manhattan, Kansas called Little Apple Ragdolls.  They are no longer in the breeding business since starting a family, so I feel especially lucky to have Milton!


Milton is such a trooper and so gentle with our toddler girls. He always sticks by them and allows them to hug him, and when they pull his tail, he doesn’t do anything drastic.image

He has been through so much in the past 2-3 years: We moved to a new house, brought home newborn baby girls, and dealt with the passing of our older cat, Max.  Milton and Max were partners in crime for about 6 years.  Max was a  Siamese, and he was also a trooper for letting us bring a kitten into his home!


Milton sure misses his buddy, and so do I!  I can’t wait to get another cat friend for Milton. But as much as I love his fluffy coat and white mittens, I might have to choose a cat who sheds a little less. It’s definitely a lot of work, but so worth it!  I’m just not sure I could handle double the amount of white puffballs floating around my house.

Milton as a kitten ?
Milton as a kitten ?

That’s what’s up!  What do you think of Milton?  Also, I would really enjoy seeing photos of your pets, so please comment below. And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!  My social links are in the sidebar if you are viewing my page from your computer.  On your phone?  Click the three horizontal lines under my photo to view the sidebar.  Happy Friday!

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