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Hi, guys!  Spring is such a perfect time for fashion, don’t you think?  It’s not too hot, not too cold, and it’s a rebirth after spending the winter covered up by a parka.  Today, I chose a new top from Francesca’s that I scored from the sale rack. It’s so soft and flowy, but the back is what interests me the most. imageimageimage

I added some earthy accessories:  the same necklace that I featured in Aztec-Inspired Accessories and OOTD (It is so pretty and versatile, I figured you wouldn’t mind seeing it again.), and two new bracelets (wrist candy) that I spotted at a local boutique.  Little boutiques always call my name as I am walking by!  They have items that you cannot find in a regular chain or department store, and wearing something that not many people have is appealing to me.  Plus, small boutiques are easier to navigate- They are set up attractively, and they are usually pretty small, so the shopping environment is inviting.

The green bracelet is by WhitleyV, a Charleston-based brand.  The gold and green undertones complement one another, and the center stone is a standout.  The thinner bracelet is a Crystal Quartz Power Gemstone Bracelet for Clarity by the brand Gorjana.


That’s what’s up with my outfit today.  Did you guys find any interesting pieces this weekend?  I can’t wait to see! <3



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