Why I Broke Up With Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes

I recently had the privilege of sampling a makeup remover cloth by a company called Norwex, which is devoted to helping you reduce the amount of harsh chemicals in your home.  This little cloth worked.  It worked so well that I broke up with makeup remover cleansing wipes!

How Does the Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth Work?

It worked noticeably better than makeup remover cloths or makeup removing cleanser, and it so gentle on the skin.  What makes this different than your standard washcloth?  The magic is in the construction of the cloth:

  • Its microfibers are extremely tiny and very dense, so they can easily grab dirt and makeup particles from your face.
  • The microfibers also contain silver, which has antimicrobial properties that enable the cloth to self-purify, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold.
  • You can use the cloth more than once before laundering, provided that you rinse it in hot water after each use.
  • Want clean, radiant skin?  Just add water to the cloth, wipe your face using outward strokes, and enjoy the gentle exfoliation to reveal a brighter you.Why I broke up with makeup remover cleansing wipes- Norwex

Why is the Norwex cloth better than your standard makeup remover cleansing wipe?

I have to say I was a slight bit skeptical at first…I was so used to my usual makeup removal routine: TWO cleansing facial wipes (like Simple or Neutrogena) and TWO eye makeup remover pads from Almay.  The cleansing wipes really didn’t budge my mascara, and although the eye makeup remover pads helped, I still woke up in the morning with black residue.  Yuck!  And those products contain ingredients that  I cannot even pronounce.     But when I tried the Norwex cloth for the very first time, it removed all of my makeup- even my mascara!  All I did was add warm water and wipe my face for about 60 seconds. Take a look:

Why I broke up with makeup remover cleansing wipes- Norwex
First soak the cloth in warm-hot water.
why I broke up with makeup remover cleansing wipes- Norwex
Before Norwex, obviously (haha!)
Why I broke up with makeup remover cleansing wipes- Norwex
After Norwex
Why I broke up with makeup remover cleansing wipes- Norwex
You can see my eyelash marks!  Amazing.  No extra eye makeup remover required.

Here, you can see my makeup removal residue from the following night using two disposable makeup remover cloths and two eye makeup remover pads- not the Norwex cloth:

Why I broke up with makeup remover cleansing wipes- Norwex
Disposable makeup removal items

After using the larger disposable makeup removing cloths, my eye makeup was still there!

Why I broke up with makeup remover cleansing wipes- Norwex
Disposable makeup removing wipes do not budge my mascara, and it is not even waterproof.

So in addition, I had to use the smaller eye makeup remover pads, and I STILL had black raccoon eyes in the morning!  I was going to take a photo but it was too scary (ha!).  You get the idea…  And my skin was angry and irritated the morning after my normal routine- It took me almost double the time to apply makeup!  Goodbye old routine, and hello Norwex!

There are many benefits of switching to Norwex as your main method of makeup removal:

  • It is great for even sensitive skin.  My skin has become much more moody and sensitive since becoming a mother, and I feel that my skin now appears more radiant, especially first thing in the morning.
  • You save money!  I was spending about $4.49 for cleansing cloths just shy of every two weeks.  I was also spending $4.99 on eye makeup remover pads every month and a half.
  • You never run out, and it is super transportable.
  • All you have to do to clean it is rinse in hot water and squeeze out the dirt.  It may stain, but all of the bacteria remains trapped deep in the cloth and won’t reach your skin.  Depending on the amount of makeup you normally wear, you can wash the cloth 1-3 times per week in a detergent free of dye and perfumes, which can are likely to ruin the cloth.
  • Norwex gives you a 60-day  period to decide if you like it.  If you don’t, you get your money back.

Bottom line: Would I buy this product?  100 percent yes!  It is a revolutionary makeup-removing tool.  I was given this one cloth in exchange for writing an honest review, and it was so worth my time!  Click here if you are interested in purchasing one- They come in a pack of three.  Also, have a look at countless other Norwex goodies, which range from personal care to cleaning products and other home essentials that will all help reduce the amount of chemicals in your home.

That’s what’s up in revolutionary products today.  What’s your go-to makeup removal routine?  Would you change it?


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