Peonies and Orchids: Spring Cosmetics

During my shopping trip yesterday, I picked up a new Clinique Chubby Stick for my lips.  I love how pink and purple undertones complement my skin, so I chose Pudgy Peony.  It adds the perfect pop of color to my lips for springtime.  Plus, it is really moisturizing, and it lasts for hours!  The color stays put even after eating, with just a light refresher coat required.  Another added benefit is that it makes you feel put-together even with minimal makeup.  I left my makeup pretty simple today.

I was also lucky enough to treat myself to a fresh pedicure today, and I chose OPI Hawaiian Orchid to tickle my toes.  It’s springy, it’s neutral, and it’s clean.  Just like spring!  What do you think?

Orchid Toes

That’s what’s up in beauty today!  I would love to hear your thoughts and to see your spring cosmetic picks.  And I would love to connect with you even more!  Find my social media icons in the sidebar, and let’s get social!


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