Five Must-Watch TV Shows

Now that the Bachelor is over, my Mondays are just not as exciting.  I have to wait until May to see the new season of the Bachelorette, so I have a couple of months to devote to other notable shows.  Here is what I’m watching now:

Lost (on Netflix)

I know it’s not a new show, but a neighbor told me to check it out, and my husband and I have been crazy hooked ever since.  The first episode was a bit gory for me, but I promise the rest of the episodes are not.  We are well into Season 2, and if we had the time, we would binge-watch.  The characters are “lost” on an island in every sense of the word, but they are highly endearing and relatable, despite some serious flaws.  And let’s just say they aren’t just sitting around, sipping cocktails and enjoying the scenery.


The Americans (on Fx)

 Wow. This plot. It’s so scary, and believe it or not, it’s based on true happenings during the Cold War era. The story follows a Russian couple who have two American children of their own. They look like a normal American family to outsiders, but the couple are hardcore Russian spies posing as Americans.  They will do whatever it takes to get information for their homeland.  And somehow, the writers seemed to get viewers to route for the spies. It’s really a wild phenomenon.


Nashville (on ABC) img_6008

The first season seemed like it was more focused on portraying the behind the scenes action of the country music world rather than drama, which I really enjoyed.  Now it seems like drama has taken has taken over, but the show is still very entertaining, and Connie Britton never disappoints!

Jane the Virgin (on CW) img_6007

The lead, Gina Rodriguez, won an Emmy for her role!  Knowing this, I finally gave the first season a shot on Netflix, and I blew through it in a week!  I was so devastated that the newer episodes were not yet available on Netflix that I bought some episodes on iTunes to catch me up a bit.  The CW is currently airing the latter half of the second season.  This show is the perfect combinaion of riveting, dramatic, whitty, light-hearted entertainment.  And yes, Jane is really a virgin- a pregnant virgin, that is.


Bloodline (on Netflix) 

Season 2 isn’t available until May 27, but I’m including this one anyway.  We watched Season 1 last year and are dying to see what happens!  A good family has major demons and secrets in this series full of stellar acting.  The storyline has some major twists and turns.  I cannot wait to see if they keep their secrets hidden.

Have you guys watched any of these shows?  Do you have any I should add to the list?

That’s what’s up for now.  Don’t forget to follow my blog to keep up with what’s up!


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