Fashionable and Functional: Chapter 2

This necklace makes me feel polished even when I don’t really feel put together.  Pair it with a flexible shirt and, you guessed it, leggings, and no one will ever know you spend half the day cleaning and doing laundry (and basically being a personal assistant for your kids).  I hadn’t worn this necklace much since I stopped teaching elementary school, and I am so glad I rediscovered it and incorporated it into my new lifestyle.  Here’s how I brightened my look today.  Polkadot leggings and top

Top: LC Lauren Conrad- This top is no longer available, but this one has a similar look.

Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad- These leggings are also no longer available, but you could try these or other leggings of your choice.

Necklace:  I had gotten this in the sale section of Anthropologie a few years back, and I was really lucky because I only paid TEN dollars for it.

Headshot Necklace
Lace detail on my top
Polka dot leggings
Add Converse sneakers and a Pandora charm bracelet

So comfortable and stylish…I never feel the need to change into sweats at the end of the the day.  I highly suggest this look if you’re a stay-at-home mom or if you’ve got a day of errands on your schedule.

That’s what’s up in fashion and function today.  Don’t miss the next chapter!

Until next time…


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