Conquer Your Junk Drawers!

Having moved into a new house just a few short months before the twins arrived, we had little (if any) time to devote to organizing.  We both had full-time jobs, I was very pregnant, and planning for the babies swallowed up any free time we did have.  Also, we had come from a very small house, so we had to do some serious furniture shopping on weekends.  So, we pretty much just (literally) threw miscellaneous items into drawers (so exciting to have so many drawers!) and said we would fix it later.  Well, our girls are now a little over 2 years old, and we are finally getting the energy and time to fix it.  Just looking at the closed drawers and knowing about the chaos inside made me feel uneasy every day…so off to Target I went for some junk drawer and tool organizers.

The daunting drawers

Drawer 1 (The most sought-after items: batteries, matches, safety pins…)

Drawer 2 (Mostly tools, flashlights)

Drawer 3 (Scattered parts, duct tape)

It is amazing how much better organizing a drawer full of seemingly random items can make a person feel.  I even made room for our computer power cords in drawer 1 so that I don’t have to stare at them on the counter anymore!  And if you can believe it, the drawers were actually in worse shape a few months ago, and all of the items in drawer 3 were covered with user manuals!  My good friend, who is a professional organizer, suggested I separate them into categories and put them into labeled Ziplock bags.  The filled bags fit neatly into a drawer, and it has been a lifesaver!  Check out her website Leslie Gifford Organizing.  Thanks to her, I never have to panic when an appliance breaks or when I forget how to use something, because I know I can easily locate the corresponding manual.  Plus, I can easily file and store manuals for newly purchased products.

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Various manuals separated into appropriate categories
So make your life a little less chaotic, and organize a drunk drawer or two. You know you have at least one!  I would love to see your before and after photos in the comments below!

That’s what’s up right now.  I’m glad I got to help inspire you to declutter!


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