How to Create a Sunny Sunroom

It’s raining today, but my sunroom is sunny.  How?  It’s all in the decor!

When choosing furniture for a sunroom or sunporch, keep it light.  I chose wicker indoor/outdoor furniture with cream-colored cushions.  The cushions keep the room bright on dark days and provide a blank canvas for fun accents, such as throw pillows.  As my husband says…I have a pillow problem!  And I am proud of it.  I decided to go with a bird theme for this particular room because it has such a birds-eye view of the birds outside. 🙂  Bird pillows on the chairs… Bird pillows on the couch… They really give the room personality!

Sunroom Couch

Keeping with the sunny feel of the room, I picked up a few fun accents.  I found this clock at Kohl’s and thought it was perfect for this room.  And I purchased handmade flower art at a store called Ten Thousand Villages.  The vibrant colors really help keep the room sunny on gloomy, rainy days.

The tables in the room are also indoor/outdoor, which is convenient, since there is an outlet to the deck from this room.  To help the room flow to the outdoor space, I set some bright flowers in a metal tray.  I love the juxtaposition of the metal tray and the wood table.  Also, my husband filled two teak wood planters with succulents and hung them in the corners.  It is so neat to walk by the room and catch a glimpse of the teak and succulents.  It almost makes me feel as though I am at the spa!

This room has such a whimsical feel, but it is also very relaxing.  It is the perfect place to curl up with a good book or a glass of wine (or both)!  And it can make you feel like summer all winter long.

That’s what’s up for today!  How do you brighten up on rainy days?  Let me know!

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