How to Mix Prints

It’s back to the long sleeves after a week of mild weather!  I still want to look and feel like spring, so I chose my floral Lauren Conrad leggings.  (These particular leggings are no longer for sale at Kohl’s, but I found them on Poshmark for you!)  Then I spotted this Roxy hoodie in my closet that I haven’t worn in a very long time!  I wanted to wake it up with something fun, rather than plain jeans.  The stripes are the same exact hue as the pale pink roses on the leggings, and since the stripes on the shirt are skinny and the flowers on the leggings are big, it totally works together!

Mixing Prints

When mixing prints, be sure to find at least one common color between the pieces.  Also, you want the sizes of the prints to be different.  For example, If the stripes on my sweatshirt were wide, I think it would have been a bit much together with the large flowers on the leggings.

Mixing prints can be a fantastic way to create new outfits without having to go out to the store!  Do you have any success photos of mixing prints?  Please share below!

That’s whats up for now.  Talk to you soon!


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